If You Would Like To Help...

Fostering A Rabbit

Rabbits are all too often rescued from situations of abuse and neglect, and some need more special care and attention in order to make a successful transition in an adoptive home. Spending time in a loving foster home can make all the difference!

To foster, you must have:

  • Adequate room for a rabbit to exercise
  • Time to groom, love, and cuddle a needy rabbit
  • Volunteer status at HRR
  • Experience in care and handling of rabbits

Before you foster, we ask that you visit us for orientation. Orientation and volunteering let you get to know the rabbits, and give us the opportunity to know how we may help you in fostering. The amount of time you volunteer depends on the level of experience you already have in living with rabbits.

Heartland provides guidance, medical care, food and supplies to fosterers. Thanks very much to our valued sponsers Somerzby Pet Enclosures who provide much needed rabbit cages and hutches for our rabbits whilst we are finding a good home for them.

Fostering Situations

We identify three 'levels' of fostering:

  1. LEVEL ONE - The rabbits in this group are those who lack some of the social skills that make them adoptable. They may be shy or fearful and anxious. Level One fostered rabbits will be in a foster home for approximately 30 days. Heartland most often needs foster homes for this level.

  2. LEVEL TWO - Our most severely neglected and abused rabbits fall into this category. Time in foster is usually 45-60 days. Extensive experience and familiarity with rabbits is crucial at this level.

  3. LEVEL THREE - Sometimes we have to act very quickly to save a rabbit from a dangerous situation. Heartland is always at full capacity, and having a temporary safe place for an endangered rabbit can help us save a life. Time in foster is usually a few days to a week.