Sponsor a Rabbit

For your gift of just around $.12 a day, $45 a year, you can make a big difference in the life of one of Heartland's rabbits. Any of our rabbits, adoptable or permanent residents, can be sponsored. When setting up your sponsorship, please give us the name of the rabbit you would like to sponsor and your address.

Sponsorship: $45 per year

For your generous gift of sponsorship, you will receive:

  • a sponsorship certificate
  • a 5x7 photo of your rabbit
  • three cards from your rabbit throughout the year
  • a fridge magnet with your rabbit's picture on it

Our permanent residents, rabbits with special needs, are ideal candidates for sponsorship. Our special needs rabbits are those who often cannot be adopted out because of their illness, old age, or disability, and therefore stay at our shelter permanently. They require extra care and often expensive medical treatment; your sponsorship would help us tremendously to make their lives comfortable and enjoyable. Meet our Special Rabbits.

Our adoptable rabbits would also love to be your sponsor rabbit, and your gift of sponsoring will go to vet bills, food, toys, and education and adoption campaigns. Meet our Adoptable Rabbits.

Supplies Wish List

  • organic fruit tree branches (no larger than 2" inches in diameter)
  • bunny toys (like baby keys, plastic slinkys, cardboard boxes, hard
  • plastic balls with rattles)
  • office supplies (copier paper, manilla file folders, postage stamps,
  • pens, staples, etc.)
  • Rabbit chew toys are always very popular
  • clean towels (gently-used is fine)
  • natural (untreated) pinecones
  • pet brushes
  • otoscope with large earpieces
  • digital scale
  • Aspen wood bedding material